Water Care on our Spas:

Hot Spring Spas feature unique natural water care alternatives for hot tub water that exceeds any other spa on the market. We have been perfecting the use of non-chemical systems for over 40 years. While most systems still require a small amount of sanitizer to be added on a regular basis, we have removed the need to ever have to soak in harsh chemicals.

The FreshWater® System is an option on every spa we sell. While it comes standard on our premium line of products, it is also available to add to our entry level spas. Virtually chlorine free, it’s our exclusive, more natural approach to making routine water care easier and keeping your spa water crystal clean. For larger spas we also offer an optional upgrade to a higher output system from KZO manufacturing.

We add an all-natural Ag+ (Silver Ion) cartridge to the system to help keep bacteria from breeding, then a weekly shock to keep the water safe and smelling great.

Another option is the ACE Salt System which revolutionizes water care by making it easy to have the cleanest water found in any spa in the world. A Hot Spring Spas exclusive, ACE is the first fully integrated salt sanitizing system using a diamond electrode to break salt into powerful water cleaners.

Whatever you are looking for, we are the professionals to help you maintain your spa in a safe, clean and Freshwater quality.

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