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Limelight Collection - Bolt® Spa

Seats: 4 Adults
Dimensions: 6’ 8” x 6’ 8” x 33”H"H
Jets: 17

Even on Your Best Days it Always Feels Good to Recharge

Bolt Spa

Swirling hot water provides relaxation and rejuvenation for your soul, while the subtleties of the design capture your unique sense of style. Plus, minimal set-up requirements make getting into hot water easier than you think. Like a Bolt of lightning you're ready in a flash - for whatever the world sends your way.

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ACE® Salt Water System

ACE® Salt Water System

The exclusive ACE salt water sanitizing system automatically generates the cleaners needed to keep spa water sparkling and silky soft, and makes owning a Hot Spring spa easier than ever. (Optional)

IQ 2020 Control Panel

IQ 2020® control panel

A Hot Spring spa is simple to operate, with no programming required. The Highlife Collection control panel features a LCD color display and intuitive menus. You’ll have it mastered in under a minute.

Raio® Multi-Color Points of Light

Raio® Multi-Color Points of Light

The multi-color lighting system allows for individual control of each zone — underwater, bartop, pillows and water feature. So, it’s easy to create a customized lighting scheme.

Innovative FiberCor™ Insulation

Innovative FiberCor™ Insulation

To maximize energy efficiency, Limelight Collection hot tubs are fully insulated with FiberCor insulation applied at a 2 lb. density level – 4-times greater than the ½ lb. foam used in most spas.

Bluetooth® wireless technology

Sound System with Bluetooth® wireless technology

Enjoy entertainment wirelessly as you wind down in your spa, by streaming music live or listening to your own music library from your Bluetooth® enabled device.

In-Home Wireless Sound

In-Home Wireless Sound System

Leave your music source inside, while listening to it outside in your Hot Spring spa. With our In-Home Wireless Dock, you can connect with virtually any audio source you choose: iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 player, satellite/AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player to instantly transmit to your spa. Change tracks, adjust volume and play or pause through the spa's main control panel using your Apple® device.

Wireless TV & Sound

Wireless TV & Sound System

With a wireless TV and sound system, you can wirelessly transmit your favorite TV shows or movies directly to your spa. With the rotatable 17” waterproof and temperature resistant widescreen LCD TV, you can watch television from any angle.

Specs BOLT™
Seats 4 Adults
Dimensions 6’ 8” x 6’ 8” x 33”H
Jets 17
Water Capacity 290 gallons
Weight "610 lbs. dry 3,729 lbs. filled*"
Spa Shell Options Champagne Opal, Ocean Wave, Pearl, or Sterling Marble
Everwood® Cabinet Options Coastal Gray, Espresso, or Redwood finish
Custom Cabinet Options N/A
Hot Tub Jets

Total-17 (all with stainless steel trim)
1 Combination XL jets
4 Combination jets
12 Directional Precision® jets"

Water Feature N/A
Water Care System (Optional) ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System
EverFresh® System
Jet Pump 1 "Wavemaster® 7000
One-speed1.65 HP
Continuous Duty
3.5 HP Breakdown Torque"
Jet Pump 2 N/A
Jet Pump 3 N/A
Circulation Pump SilentFlo 5000® for quiet, continuous filtration
Effective Filtration Area 65 sq. ft., top loading
Ozone System FreshWater® III Corona Discharge (Optional)
Control System "IQ 2020®
115v/20 amp
(Includes G.F.C.I. protected power cord)
or 230v/50amp 60 Hz**"
Lighting System Raio® multi-color points of light (16)
Heater No-Fault®
1500w/115v or 6000w/230v
Energy Efficiency "Certified to the APSP 14 National Standard and the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law"
Vinyl Cover Ash
3.5” to 2.5” tapered
2 lb. density foam core"
Cover Lifter (Optional) CoverCradle®, CoverCradle II, Lift ‘n Glide®, or UpRite®
Steps (Optional) Everwood, Polymer, or SpaStone®
Entertainment System (Optional) Integrated MP3 Sound System
Wireless Sound System
Wireless TV & Sound System
*Includes water and 4 adults weighing 175 lbs. each
**G.F.C.I protected sub-panel required at 230v mode
Export models available in 230v, 50Hz, 1500w heater"

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