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This guide will help you with your buying decisions before you shop!

Why Buy a Spa

A few simple steps before you visit our showroom will help us guide you to the best spa for your needs and backyard space.

Before you start shopping ask yourself a few questions:

• What size works best?
Select your dream location and take some quick measurements of the space. Knowing what dimensions you have to work with is the first step in the process.

• How many people do you want to accommodate?
Whether the spa is for a private soak or a vacation home ready for large family events makes a huge difference. If you want a spa for 6, but have a relatively small space that will only fit a 6-foot spa that just might not be compatible.

What features do you want?

• Just looking for a nice soak in soothing hot water? Maybe something very simple spa fits your needs best.

• Is your spa going to be the focal point for backyard entertainment? If so, consider adding a Bluetooth entertainment system.

• Is it a place for the kids to play or learn to swim?

What matters most to you?

• Any particular therapy needs?
There is a lot more to hydrotherapy than jet counts and horsepower numbers. Come see our hot tub professionals so we can show you hydrotherapy jets and seating configurations tailored for your specific needs.

• Have you considered a lounge seat?
This is another question that will help you narrow your focus. Lounge seats are comfortable for many but often take up the space of two seats in a spa. So if you are hoping to seat a lot of people at one time, you should consider bench style seating.

Other important considerations.

• Ease of use:
You'll enjoy your hot tub and use it more often if you don't have to fuss with it, put up with noisy pumps or deal with complicated chemical regimens.

• Energy efficiency:
Operating your hot tub over the years is part of the total cost of ownership. Hot Spring spas are the most energy efficient spa built, and has been for over 35 years.

• Water care:
There are many different water care systems available on the market today. The best and easiest to use is the Freshwater Ozone system, which has been used effectively for over 30 years. Newer on the market are Salt Water Sanitation systems. Many customers looking for the most state of the art automatic sanitizing systems available choose this option.

• Spa Warranty:
A good warranty needs to also have a good service department standing behind it. Who will you call when you need help?

We have been in the spa industry since 1976 and have thousands of referrals. We have to store locations for your service and product needs. If you have any questions or concerns about ownership, please contact us.

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San Jose Store - 1002 S. De Anza Blvd.
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